About Our Company

PermaVentures is a business ecosystem, comprised of:

  • a private equity holding company that acquires whole or partial interest in existing companies
  • a venture studio that co-founds new businesses, and backs amazing founders
  • a set of market-facing service businesses covering several main disciplines; growth (marketing+sales), finance (CFO services + accounting), technology development (software applications, web, infrastructure, cybersecurity), people (recruiting, placement + coaching), and capital investment.


What We Invest In:

People: we work alongside like-minded, investible people to realize their goals; we co-found with them, or back their venture or acquisition search.

Acquisitions: we acquire companies in whole or in part that have $300,000 – $3,000,000 in stable, repeatable free cashflow, >10% net profit margin, and strong, like-minded management teams.

Ideas/Opportunities: often, we’ll find that an investible idea or specific opportunity will emerge from our travels, so we’ll incubate it, pair it with like-minded, investible people, and get it up to profitability.  Examples: unused intellectual property or joint ventures, access to a specific market or resource, etc.


We call our approach permaventure.  Permaventure is the practice of applying certain first principles, in a design methodology, to a single business or an ecosystem of businesses that fosters unique insights and investible moments, with better-than-base-case outcomes. By leveraging the strengths of complex adaptive systems and the “nutrients” involved (people, resources, ideas and opportunities), we’ve found we can achieve better returns on invested resources, greater fulfillment for the people we work with, and beneficial impact on the communities in which we participate. 

In developing this approach, we owe huge debts of gratitude to those who advanced the fields of permaculture, design thinking, complexity science, the Austrian Economic school, computer science and others.


If any of what we do resonates with you, or if you see an opportunity to work together, get in touch!